Uluwehi Baldemor

Assistant Director

B.A. Linguistics, Theater and TESOL (minor)


Welina mai ‘oukou nei! ‘O Uluwehi ko‘u inoa, a no O‘ahu a Lua mai au. I am a proud Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) existing in the bustling city of Los Angeles. My ability to pursue higher education was made possible by my kaiaulu (those in my community), with their support and guidance. I hope to be an informative and encouraging hand for those wishing to attend USC.

Why USC? 

Back home in Hawai‘i, we have a saying: “First the foundation, then the building.” USC can be a resource and home to hone skills, find friends, learn much, nurture connections, and to make career paths. This is how you start building a foundation for yourself. By learning and growing, USC Trojans begin to understand what personal, academic, and professional dreams they have. Meanwhile, the Trojan Family is here to inspire, support and uplift.

Admission Advice 

Breathe. Our bodies may do it autonomically, but there is power in our ha (breath, breathing). The whole admission process can be intimidating and overwhelming, but you are capable. Ask questions, take advantage of the internet at your fingertips, and talk to our admission officers. You are more than a series of checklists and numbers, and we genuinely see that. Additionally, do more research on schools you’re interested in–you’re investing in yourself as much as any institution you choose. Be bold, be bright, be bravely you.

Food: Pa‘i ‘Ai
Book: Light in the Crevice Never Seen by Haunani Kay Trask
TV Show: Steven Universe
Snack: Li Hing Strawberry Belts