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Developed for elementary and middle school students, Tommy’s Tours aims to spark curiosity about, and nurture interest in, higher education. Current USC students lead young visitors on a campus tour, highlighting our history, traditions, academic programs and student life — all while providing tips for doing well in and out of the classroom so that young students can prepare for the college of their dreams.

Please note that regular tours and information sessions for high school students and their families can be requested through our Meet Us page.

Tommy’s Tour Information

Interested in a tour? Tommy’s Tours are geared toward elementary and middle school students who want to learn about higher education.

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Meet the Volunteer Tour Leaders

Volunteer Tour Leaders are USC students who are eager to give back by sharing the excitement and possibilities of higher education with visiting schoolchildren. The Tommy’s Tours student organization includes a team of dedicated Executive Board members that provide direction and oversight of the Volunteer Tour Leaders.

Natalie D.

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Santa Clarita, California
Why I joined Tommy’s Tours: I joined Tommy’s Tours because I want to give younger kids the amazing first look at USC and higher education as a whole that inspired me to apply here when I first had a tour of campus.

Natalie D., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

Ashwin Y.

Vice President
Major: Architecture
Hometown: Frisco, Texas
Why I Joined Tommy’s Tours: I joined Tommy’s Tours because working with kids is always a blast! They’re lively and silly but often ask good questions. I also wish I had this kind of exposure to higher education at their age and hope that by showing them around campus, I can teach them a bit more and help encourage them to pursue higher education when the time comes!

Ashwin Y., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

Julia T.

External Affairs
Major: Human Biology (Minor in Occupational Science and Therapy)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Why I joined Tommy’s Tours: Both of my parents work in education, and because of this I was fortunate enough to be given all the opportunities and information necessary to pursue higher levels of education, which I recognize is a privilege not all people have growing up. I joined Tommy’s Tours because of my passion for education. I want to be able to share my knowledge and encourage them to pursue higher levels of education. In addition, within the Tommy’s Tours community, I have found a wonderful family of like-minded friends who have greatly and positively impacted my college experience!

Julia T., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

Natalie B.

Communications Chair
Major: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Hometown: Visalia, California
Why I joined Tommy’s Tours: I joined Tommy’s Tours as a way to inspire young students to pursue higher education. By sharing my knowledge and experiences of USC with the students on my tours, I hope they can come to see college as a beneficial and accessible option in their futures.

Natalie B., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

Sam I.

Social Chair
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Why I joined Tommy’s Tours: As someone who has worked as a figure skating coach for young skaters, I really enjoy working with and educating kids. I value Tommy’s Tours for encouraging kids to invest in their academic futures, and post-secondary education in general. Also, I really appreciate the family that Tommy’s Tours has provided me.

Sam I., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

Henry K.

Major: Cinema and Media Studies
Hometown: Palo Alto, California
Why I joined Tommy’s Tours: I joined Tommy Tours to be able to spread the joy of USC and higher education to the amazing groups that we have visiting our beautiful campus. I would have loved this opportunity when I was younger, so it’s a pleasure to provide that to others and help teach them how to Fight On! ✌️


Henry K., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

Serena H.

Major: Human Biology
Hometown: Ottawa, Canada
Why I joined Tommy’s Tours: Back in my hometown, I used to work with children regularly. When I came to university, I realized just how much I missed working with the youth—I missed their energy, their passion and their love. Tommy’s Tours is the most perfect way for me to share my enthusiasm and encourage them to pursue a life-changing opportunity rooted in higher education.



Serena H., a tommy tours volunteer tour leader.

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If you have questions or feedback regarding the tour, please contact us at

Become a Volunteer Tour Leader


Weekly Membership Meetings
For the first 8 weeks, you’ll have one weekly training meeting (Location and Time TBD– currently Monday at 6:00 p.m.). Once you are a fully trained volunteer tour leader, you will have bi-weekly meetings to refresh your training and mentor new volunteers. VolunTOUR Leaders, or VTLs, are required to attend these meetings, as we will be going over important training topics!

Tours & Availability
You will be required to make yourself available for at least 1-2 tours per week (1 hour each) and be available for our weekly meetings.

Community Involvement
We pride ourselves on commitment to the USC community. Our volunteer tour leaders are expected to volunteer with other organizations across campus. In the future, we will be forming meaningful partnerships with other organizations that promote access to higher education.


Apply to Be a Volunteer Tour Leader (VTL)

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Pillars of Membership

As a member of Tommy’s Tours, you are an official representative of the University of Southern California and are part of a vibrant community in the Admission Center. The “AC,” as we call it, is the first point of contact with the thousands of guests who visit campus each year. As a Tommy’s Tours Volunteer Tour Leader, you get to work with elementary and middle school students. You will be providing a meaningful service to the South Los Angeles area and other visitors. Not to mention, you will be a part of our AC family!

We are dedicated to philanthropy here at the Admission Center. We strive to provide opportunities for our members to get involved in the LA community outside of giving tours. We partner with other organizations at USC who work with children to maximize our efforts. If you would like to partner with Tommy’s Tours for a philanthropic event, please contact us at

Commitment to Excellence
Being a member of Tommy’s Tours means that you are representing the university and the Admission Center to all students and chaperones you interact with. You are also serving as a window into life at USC and what it means to be a Trojan. We expect a lot from our members because YOU are the face of USC.