Live, Learn, Belong

College is a time to explore, to test, to challenge and to define who you are and who you would like to become. At USC you will find different perspectives, experience new cultures, and ultimately uncover a few things about yourself along the way.

Student completes science experiment in lab as the instructor watches their work.

Build Your Future

Our top-ranked schools and programs attract some of the nation’s most outstanding students. They are drawn to the ability to design their own learning experience, from pursuing original research to studying abroad.

Two students biking across campus near the Tommy Trojan Statue.

Welcome Home

Your undergraduate years at USC may be your first experience living away from home, or your first time in a new city — possibly in a new country. You will be in an unfamiliar environment, keeping a different schedule and making new friends. This new lifestyle will be challenging, but it will also be memorable and exciting.

Student screams joyfully with the rest of the band at a practice on Allyson Felix Track & Field.

Find Your People

Reflecting the diversity of our backgrounds, more than 1,000 campus organizations and communities bring together students to explore politics, culture, spirituality and academic or professional interests.

Students link arms and cheerfully laugh at a USC event.

Diversity and Inclusion

Although the information on this page is not exhaustive, it is designed to highlight the various ways students can be a part of diverse and inclusive communities as well as showcase some of what makes USC such a special place.