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Our Trojan Family

For many of us, the word “family” is more than simply a matter of blood and heritage. At USC, you will discover a whole new meaning for the word.



We are dreamers and realists, scholars and students, artists and athletes, engineers and entrepreneurs, leaders and colleagues. We are a tightly connected family with members found in every country and continent. We are students for now and Trojans for life.

Connections for Life

If you value the free and open exchange of ideas and genuinely respect cultural differences, you will discover kindred spirits at USC. You will connect with those who share your interests, experiences and passions and with those who appreciate and need your talents in all manner of things, from academics to political action, athletics to religion. You will discover lasting friendships among the thousands of USC faculty, academic advisors, staff and alumni. Some of these individuals will become mentors — guides who will shape your entire life.

Whatever your goals, whatever your interests, whatever your aptitudes or personal style, the Trojan Family will be there with you, lifelong and worldwide.

Over 450,000 strong, the Trojan Family represents one of your most valuable resources and assets. USC alumni are leaders in business, the arts, the sciences, public service and sports. They are world-famous architects, inventors, actors and writers.

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“The Trojan family is unique because it is a group who will rally together to support the university in whatever it may need to ensure its success for many more years to come.”

— Cassidy Doyle. Lake Havasu City, Arizona

A Place to Be You

Reflecting the diversity of our backgrounds, more than 100 campus organizations and communities bring together students to explore politics, culture, spirituality and academic or professional interests. Popular clubs range from African Americans in Health, to the USC chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, to the Association of Indian Students.

Our vibrant campus represents all 50 U.S. states and more than 135 countries and comprises one of the most ethnically diverse student populations in the country. Bold and curious, USC students are not content to simply sit back or play it safe. You will find student athletes participating in student film festivals, engineering students taking art classes and business students joining a rock band.


Clubs & Organizations


Cultural Organizations & Communities


Student Religious Organizations

We Are Diverse

“Only at USC would you find so many different people with diverse interests, backgrounds, passions and skill sets. I’ve expanded my knowledge in ways that I never would’ve imagined...”

— Dennis Woo. San Francisco, California

USC is proud to be a community that values diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to providing resources that support all of our students.

Our Student Equity and Inclusion Programs offer support services and nurture a sense of well-being and belonging, while acknowledging the diversity of our student population. Student Equity and Inclusion Programs include Asian Pacific American Student Services, Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs, First Generation Plus Success Center, Latinx/Chicanx Center for Advocacy and Student Affairs, LGBTQ+ Student Center, Student Basic Needs and the Veterans Resource Center.

USC’s campus community is also enriched by the perspectives of small-town and rural students, who will discover expanded support services and resources tailored to their needs during the admission process. We are actively working to bridge the gap to a world-class education and the opportunities it can offer. More information can be found at

Please read more about USC’s commitment to building a strong diverse community in the Diversity Matters website.

We Are Artists

USC maintains a long tradition of celebrating and supporting the visual and performing arts. Students will find numerous free film screenings, exhibitions and gallery showings, and hundreds of theatre performances — all without leaving campus.

The Visions and Voices arts and humanities series brings the world’s best writers, musicians, performers, thinkers and speakers to the community each year.

We Are Athletes

The scholar-athlete tradition is strong at USC.

More than 80 percent of our undergraduates participate in one or more club or intramural sports, from football to foosball.

USC students have also achieved exceptional records in our 21 men’s and women’s NCAA Division I sports.

If USC were a country, we would rank 14th in the world for the number of Olympic medals won.


We Are Volunteers

Roughly half of all undergraduates participate in community service programs—in Los Angeles, Southern California, and around the globe. Whether you’re looking to mentor local schoolchildren or deliver clean drinking water to underserved populations, you will find numerous opportunities to make a difference in the world.

We are Multi-Faith

Although non-sectarian, USC is home to a vibrant multi-faith community of more than 90 student religious groups, representing most of the world’s major denominations, as well as comprising a strong Interfaith Council. Whatever your spiritual affiliation or interest, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at USC helps provide the means for you to observe your faith and learn about others.