Admission Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

USC Admission Volunteers participate in the recruitment of future USC students. They are alumni or friends of the University of Southern California, or parents of current or former USC students.

There are two main ways for our volunteers to assist us in our recruitment efforts:

College Fairs:
Typically hosted by high schools, colleges, or college-bound organizations, college fairs give students a chance to interact with representatives from various colleges, ask questions and receive informational brochures. We are invited to hundreds of fairs each year, and our admission counselors can’t attend them all. Admission Volunteers can represent USC at certain fairs by sharing general information about the school, sharing their experience with USC—and showing off the Trojan Family spirit!

USC Off-Campus Programs:
USC hosts events in various cities throughout the U.S. and around the world for prospective and admitted students and their parents. Programs usually offer more detailed information about USC, our application and admission procedures, financial aid and campus life. They also give students and parents a chance to meet current USC students and alumni. Admission Volunteers help with check-in, answer questions, and describe their experience with the Trojan Family.

How To Register

If you are a USC alumna/alumnus, a friend of USC, or a parent of a current or former USC student, please fill out our New Admission Volunteer Registration form so that we can add your contact information to our database. Once your information is processed, you will be included on the biyearly emails we send with current admission volunteer opportunities.

If you have volunteered with us in the past or if you’re already in our system, we will email the updated event registration link as soon as we have finalized new volunteer opportunities.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding the USC Admission Volunteer Program, please contact our Admission Volunteer Coordinators.

Isaiah Sneed | Assistant Director
Audrey Burba | Assistant Director


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