Isaiah Sneed

Assistant Director

B.A. Business Administration
Whittier College



Born and raised in Seattle, I fled the rain for college in Southern California and instantly fell in love. After graduating from Whittier College, I moved back to Seattle and found my passion helping students through the college admission process while working for a non profit organization. The allure of LA sun was too great, and I moved back to Los Angeles to work for my alma mater. I’ve been happy to call California home since, and now happy helping students through the admission process at USC.


Why USC?

I love working for an institution that I believe in. USC attracts a diverse pool of high achieving students, faculty and administration from all around the world! USC is committed to cultivating the entire person by offering learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, and from faculty and peers. That is the exact type of learning environment I believe in.


Admission Advice:

Choose a place where you are going to do your best work. Go where walking onto campus feels like walking into your cousin or best friend’s house. Find the place where you meet a student on campus in their final year that makes you think, “that’s exactly who I want to be in my last year of college.”


Favorite Food: Spicy shrimp dumplings, pastor tacos, Louisville hot chicken.
Favorite Binge TV: Sportscenter or Chopped
Favorite Musical Artist: Somewhere between Jay-Z & John Mayer
Favorite Movie: Friday Night Lights, 500 Days of Summer
Favorite Quote:I want to keep playing baseball until I am at least 50” — Ichiro