Jadon Joyner

Assistant Director

B.A. International Relations – Global Business
University of Southern California



I am a Brooklyn native with Midwestern and Haitian roots. I ventured from the colder climes of the East Coast to sunny L.A. as a transfer student at the University of Southern California. As an undergrad, I was a proud member of the USC Track and Field team and president of the Saved by Grace Gospel Choir—the best and only gospel choir on campus. USC provided me with the opportunity to further cultivate my passion for travel and learn about other languages and cultures. After graduating, I lived and worked in Tokyo and Shanghai, and later I worked for London University in recruitment and business development. I am excited to be back at USC to support students as they realize their dreams at USC in the same way I did.


Why USC?

At USC, extraordinary is the expectation. Everyone you meet will be truly excellent in their own arena. Some of my classmates were featured in Forbes Magazine. Other friends were Olympic medalists. Many others were purposefully moving in the direction of their own personal definitions of success. This is the norm at USC. It is both invigorating and inspirational to be surrounded by people who constantly strive for excellence every day regardless of their field or industry. Also, USC (aka the University of Serious Connections) provides students, graduates, staff and faculty with a truly global alumni network that is ready to help a fellow member of the Trojan Family at a moment’s notice.


Admission Advice:

Celebrate your victories (even the small ones) and be yourself! The admission process can be overwhelming, so you should celebrate all of your wins. Take time to do something you love when you finish an essay or submit an application. Also, don’t try to write the story that you think your admission counselor wants to hear—be honest and authentic in your delivery and trust the process.


Favorite Snack: Garrett’s Popcorn (Chicago Mix)
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight (really anything Christopher Nolan) or The Matrix
Favorite Quote:Do or do not. There is no try.” — Grandmaster Yoda
Favorite Book: The Autobiography of Malcolm X