Chelsey Kaufman

Associate Director


I was born and raised in the New York City area, and attended Boston University for undergraduate and graduate school. After spending my entire life dealing with temperature extremes, I left my winter coats behind and decided to give Los Angeles a try. I fell in love with the LA sunshine, the diversity and culture of the city, the abundance of mountains to climb, and snow boots becoming a thing of the past. This East Coast native now proudly calls LA home.

I spent several years working in pediatric healthcare, but my profound passion and love for higher education brought me to USC. I believe education is a superpower and I feel truly privileged to have a role in guiding students through the application process. In my free time, I am an avid hiker, swimmer, and yogi. I also love cooking, going to concerts, and traveling.


Why USC?

USC is a campus rich in diversity, innovation, and opportunity. It is a community comprised of engaged and proactive students, faculty, and staff striving to make the world a better place. The energy on campus is truly inspiring. There is a profound sense of community and school pride that immediately connects Trojans to one another and to the school – a connection that lasts a lifetime.


Admission Advice:

Take pride in what you have accomplished and identify what is important to you. Let those accomplishments and passions guide your application and essays. You have worked very hard to get to this point – remind yourself of that and do not hold back in letting us know!


Food: French Fries and Guacamole (both together and separately)
Book: When Breath Becomes Air, To Shake the Sleeping Self, Educated, Elephant Company
Quote:Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” — Nelson Mandela
Musical Artist: The Beatles
Dream Job: Host of Top Chef