Anna Babakhanians

Assistant Director

B.A Sociology
University of California, Los Angeles

M.Ed. Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs
University of Southern California


Coming from an immigrant background, my parents did not attend college in the United States. I was left confused, uncertain, and overwhelmed when high school graduation approached and came the time to apply to college. Gratefully, though, I had an older sister, and with her guidance I successfully navigated my way through community college, transferring to a four-year institution (go Bruins!), and then attending graduate school (go Trojans!). However, I now recognize my privilege to have had that guidance and know that not everyone has that someone to turn to. My passion for supporting students throughout their higher education journey led me to this career, as I want to be that guidance and support for prospective and incoming students. Outside of work, I love travelling, going to concerts, baking, and spending time with loved ones and furry friends!

Why USC? 

USC becomes home for so many individuals, including myself, and that is because it offers a truly unparalleled experience. The university’s commitment to prioritizing and supporting its students is evident in every step of the journey—from the individualistic approach to application review, where each unique story is understood and valued, to understanding the aspirations of every student and providing them unwavering support in the impact they want to make. USC prioritizes and embraces the diverse aspirations of its students, and this dedication reflects a community that not only values academic excellence but also nurtures the personal and professional growth and success of every student.

Admission Advice 

Authentically showcase yourself—be genuine, be yourself, and let every one of your unique qualities and experiences shine through! Your application is not just something that highlights your achievements, but the lessons learned and the ensuing personal growth that have made you YOU! I know this process can feel so overwhelming and daunting at times, but trust that you are destined to end up exactly where you are meant to be.

Favorite Snack: Goldfish (the Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheesy Pizza ones only), chips and dip of all variety, and anything chocolate covered!
Favorite Food: Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean—and always a side of fries!
Favorite Musical Artist: Deftones
Dream Job: I want to start an animal rescue and sanctuary!