Tyler Swartout

International Admission Officer

B.A. Global Studies
U.C. Berkeley 

M.A. International and Comparative Education
University College-London 



While originally hailing from Sacramento, I had the privilege of calling Japan, France, Hungary, and the U.K. home. I completed my bachelor’s degree at U.C. Berkeley, during which I closely collaborated with their admission office, sparking my interest in higher education. Subsequently, I dedicated almost three years at USC as an assistant director working with our students from across the country, but my passion for transnational education drove me to further pursue it. This pursuit led me to attain my master’s degree at University College-London in International and Comparative Education, all the while working with the Centre for Global Higher Education and universities around the world. Now, returning to USC as an international admission officer, I am absolutely thrilled to enhance USC’s global footprint and increase access to students’ comprehension of the world’s diverse perspectives. 


Why USC?

USC is an amalgamation of world-class faculty and academic excellence, cutting-edge research opportunities, a dynamic social community, and an abundance of resources, all situated within the vibrant cosmopolis of Los Angeles. I cannot think of a more ideal environment for diving into all your academic prospects, pushing personal boundaries, and establishing this remarkable place as home. 


Admission Advice:

Be genuine in your narrative, and don’t write anything that strays far from it. Don’t forget that you are valued and unique, with experiences that will contribute to any campus community. Too many students write what they think we want to hear. College admission is about gaining insight to both what you can do for us, but also what we can do for you. It’s up to college admission staff to craft a diverse, inclusive, academically driven and welcoming undergraduate community. It’s up to you to let us know how you can be a part of that community.  


Favorite Movie: Anything from Ghibli or Everything Everywhere All at Once
Favorite Food: Laksa, Pho, or Ramen
Favorite Book: A History of the World in 6 Glasses
Favorite T.V Show: Superstore
Favorite Quote: “Don’t postpone joy.”