Live: Los Angeles

The City of Angels

As a USC student, you will experience life in a thriving cosmopolitan center that stands at the crossroads of the Pacific Rim and Latin America.

The region’s diverse terrain offers students a remarkable climate and makes possible a wide range of outdoor activities. No urban area in the country is as densely populated yet has so much open space, from the miles of sun-drenched beaches to the horseback-riding trails and famous observatory of Griffith Park.

Just three miles from campus is the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, an area enlivened by a sophisticated arts scene, numerous entertainment venues and international cuisine.

Across the street from the University Park Campus, students can explore the cultural and historical offerings of Exposition Park, including the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center, an IMAX movie theatre and soon, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

A world leader in aerospace, entertainment, fashion, technology, telecommunications, biomedicine and trade, Los Angeles offers prime internship and service learning opportunities.

“The best place to be inspired in Southern California is the beach! Looking at the waves and seeing the ocean meet the horizon is eye-opening, refreshing, and invigorating.”

—David McAlpine, Chicago, Illinois

Getting Around

Los Angeles is famous for its “car culture,” but USC students can take advantage of many different university and LA Metro transportation options to navigate the campus or the city. Daily shuttles operate between the university’s main and Health Sciences campuses. Downtown L.A. and the L.A. Live entertainment complex are short rides away on the Metro Expo rail line. And the university’s ride-sharing and matching services, partnership with car-sharing and short-term gig rental services, and local vehicle rental agencies can help you get where you need to go, inexpensively and in a hurry.

Please visit the USC Transportation website for more information.

Los Angeles at a Glance
200+ Identified Languages Spoken
10.4 Million Population in L.A. County
100+ Museums
72 Degrees Average High Temperature

“The best thing about USC is the opportunity to meet, learn from and work with an internationally diverse group of people in a dynamic and exciting city.”

— Juliana Roger. Delray Beach, Florida