Transfer Planning

Need help with course selection? Wondering if your current courses will transfer to USC? The following pages can help you plan your transfer to USC and answer many of the questions you may have.

In this section:

Transfer Planning Brochure

This downloadable PDF of our Transferring to USC brochure provides detailed information about the transfer application and admission process.

USC Core and General Education

Prospective students are encouraged to begin coursework in USC’s Core and General Education requirements prior to transferring to USC.

Additional Coursework by Major

Organized by school and major, this downloadable PDF details the lower-division, introductory coursework that may be completed prior to transferring to USC.

Transfer Planning Worksheet

Download this worksheet to help you keep track of the transferable courses you have completed and what courses are still in progress.

Transfer Credit and Policy

Learn more about USC’s transfer policies and what courses will and will not transfer to USC.

Transfer Tools

Whether you are transferring from a California community college or a four-year institution, these resources will help you determine which courses and credits will transfer to USC.