Meet Us: Admission Center Staff

Kristin Robbio

Associate Director

B.S. Health Sciences
Chapman University

Being a proud native of San Diego, I naturally planned to attend college as far away from home as possible (somewhere in the northeast, ideally) so of course, I wound up a whopping 2-hour drive north at Chapman University. I planned to major in International Relations, so as you probably could’ve guessed, I changed my major 4 times and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences. Ultimately, though, after spending time in a variety of student affairs offices at my alma mater, I moved to Los Angeles, a whopping 2.5-hour drive away from home, to work full-time in college admissions and discovered my true passion for higher education. I’ve loved every minute since.

Why USC?
This institution truly defines what it means to be a family. USC has created a unique space where members of the community feel welcomed, included, and are encouraged to try, fail, and try again until they succeed.

Admission Advice:
Think about completing the phrase “I am…” 10 times. When crafting your application, be sure that all of those identities are reflected in the different materials you submit to colleges. Admissions officers want to get to know every aspect of who you are, regardless of the major or department you’re interested in. Provide as much context about you and your identities as you are comfortable sharing.

Movies13 Going on 30, Booksmart, Defending Your Life, Mamma Mia (1 & 2), Paddington (1 & 2), Tangled
TV: Any competitive/reality TV show (namely Big Brother and Vanderpump Rules)
Food: My dad’s potato salad, ice cream cake, dark chocolate, frozen grapes
Musical Artists: Maggie Rogers, The 1975, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, HAIM
Dream Job: Epidemiologist
Books: Science non-fiction or anything by Dan Brown