Gould School of Law


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Among the nation’s top-ranked law schools, USC Gould is redefining excellence is legal education. Gould’s undergraduate programs — which include the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies — offer rigorous academic training, guided by renowned professors who are leading experts in their fields. Students learn to become critical thinkers, gaining an in-depth understanding of the U.S. legal system and its societal impact. USC Gould prepares undergraduate students to examine how law shapes modern culture and explore emerging employment opportunities, while benefitting from a unique multi-disciplinary education.

Students may participate in USC Gould’s Legal Studies major, one of the minor programs, Progressive Degree Programs, and/or stand-alone undergraduate law courses to discover how law impacts almost every facet of life.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies
Law and Social Justice
Law and Migration Studies
Law and Technology


Progressive Degree Programs:
PDP/Master of Studies in Law
PDP/Master of International Trade Law and Economics