Meet Us: Virtual Tour Programs

Virtual Tours and Programs

We have cancelled all in-person campus tours, information sessions and events from Thursday, March 12 through Friday, May 29. Please be aware that as the situation continues to develop, we may need to make additional updates to our scheduled programs. For now, we are happy to be able to offer virtual programming instead.

Please know that we do not use demonstrated interest in our application reviews. Whether or not you have been able to visit campus will not impact any future or current applications to USC.

Although we do not anticipate any impacts on our fall semester, things can change rapidly. Keep an eye on USC’s COVID-19 website. It is updated regularly and is the official source for USC information about the disease and its impact on our university.

First-Year Info Session

First-Year Undergraduate Admission Information Session

• Typically for high school students interested in applying to USC
• Learn about USC programs, admission and financial aid
• Ask questions to an admission counselor
• First-Year Undergraduate Admission Resources:
First-Year Student Profile
Application Procedures

Transfer Info Session

Transfer Undergraduate Admission Information Session

• For students interested in learning about the process of transferring to USC
• Learn about USC, transfer admission and financial aid
• Ask questions to an admission counselor
• Transfer Admission Resources:
Transfer Student Profile
Application Procedures

USC Student Ambassador Chat

We know how important it is to learn what life is like for students. Talk to one or more current USC students and ask questions about campus life.
• Housing and Dining Resources:
Housing Videos
USC Hospitality

Additional Information

Tour Resources

Explore a virtual tour presented by the Viterbi School of Engineering Graduate Programs. Although half of this tour is dedicated to Viterbi lab spaces, you’ll still get a good sense of the heart of our University Park Campus, too.

Find Your Counselor

Contact your assigned territory manager by visiting the Find Your Counselor page.

Academic Program Information

Communicate directly with a representative from the academic area(s) you are most interested in learning about.

Financial Aid Resources for Prospective Students

Read about how our financial aid process works.

Graduate Students

Communicate directly with a representative from the graduate program you are most interested in learning about by visiting