Residential Life

Living in USC Housing puts campus resources at your doorstep and offers you the chance to make friendships that can last a lifetime. USC prides itself on being a residential campus. Though it’s not required, 98 percent of our first-year students live in USC residence halls and are guaranteed housing for their first two years at USC. More than half of our 6,000 available units are located on the main University Park campus; the remainder are a short walk or bike ride away.

Residential Colleges

USC houses all first-year students in residential colleges, with faculty masters in residence and a variety of programs and activities to ease the transition to campus life.


For first-year students leaving home for the first time, living in a residence hall or suite-style building can provide the most welcoming transition to campus life.

Hospitality and Meal Planning

USC Hospitality offers a wide variety of dining options on campus, including meals for students on restricted or special diets. For help with meal planning, students are encouraged to contact USC’s dietitian, Lindsey Pine

For information on dining options, visit: