International third-party interviews for first-year (freshman) applicants

We understand that international students, particularly those in China, have a growing interest in providing additional evidence of English language ability. However, because our undergraduate admission interviews are offered only in the US, it has been difficult for international applicants to participate in these sessions.

To provide more accessible interview opportunities to international applicants, we partner with Vericant and InitialView, who will conduct video interviews and collect short writing samples. This information will then be sent to USC and included with the application for review. Third party interviews are used only as an additional tool to help assess English language ability, and are not evaluative in nature.

Like our on- and off-campus in-person interviews, the Vericant or InitialView interview is optional. On average, only 20 percent of our first-year applicants choose to interview with us. History has shown no appreciable difference in the admission rates of students who are not interviewed.

Please note that your USC application fee does not include the Vericant or InitialView costs. To learn more about scheduling an interview, please visit Vericant's website or InitialView's website.