FAQs: Transfer Students

How do I find out who my admission counselor is? Is it okay to contact that person and how do I do so?

To find the counselor who covers your school or area, please visit our Find Your USC Admission Counselor page. This counselor will serve as your primary point of contact with USC, and you are welcome to contact him or her at the phone number or e-mail address provided. Please note that counselors cannot conduct individual counseling sessions or review transcripts, but they may be able to answer specific questions you have.

What should I do if I am a prospective transfer student and want to learn about how to transfer to USC?

Attend one of our monthly Transfer Day programs, offered throughout September, October, November and January. These programs include a campus tour and special presentations for transfer students about admission, financial aid, transfer credit and academic programs. Individual appointments are not available.

For students unable to attend a Transfer Day, we also offer Transfer Information Sessions weekly on Tuesday afternoons. Reservations are required for these programs and can be obtained by clicking here.

What campus visit programs are available to transfer applicants?
We offer student-led walking tours, monthly Transfer Day programs (during the fall and the month of January only) and weekly Transfer Information Sessions. Transfer Days are our most comprehensive program for transfer applicants, covering admission, financial aid, transfer credit and academic programs. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit our On-Campus Programs page.
Can transfer applicants sign up for an admission interview?

We do not offer admission interviews for transfer applicants. If you would like to meet with a counselor or learn more about USC, we encourage you to sign up for a Transfer Day or Transfer Information Session by visiting our On-Campus Programs page.

What steps should I follow if I am interested in transferring to USC?

Although we are unable to easily provide specific course information all prospective applicants, most of your questions will be answered by consulting one or more of the following sources:

  • Our Transferring to USC booklet is available in printed form and online through the USC Admission website. These sources provide comprehensive information about transferability of courses, General Education and major requirements, etc.
  • Articulation Agreements: USC maintains comprehensive articulation agreements with most California Community Colleges. These agreements list which courses at each school transfer and which courses fulfill specific USC requirements. These can be accessed through the USC Undergraduate Transfer Credit Office website.
  • Articulation Histories: For students attending local four-year universities (CSU Los Angeles, CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach, CSU Pomona, UCLA, and UC Riverside), we maintain a list of articulation histories—partial lists of courses that have transferred in the past from these schools. These lists can be accessed through the USC Undergraduate Transfer Credit Office website.
  • The Transfer Planning Guide: This online resource will help you determine which courses at other schools will satisfy USC’s General Education and Core courses, as well as the lower-division coursework required for any major. Click here to access the guide. Select your school and your intended major to produce a course list for the current academic year.
What types of housing are available to transfer students?

Transfer students may choose to live on campus in one of our residence halls or off campus in a university-owned apartment. However, housing for transfer students is limited and space is not guaranteed. Many transfer students prefer to live in privately owned apartments in the North University Park area.

What is the transfer application deadline?

Transfer applicants should submit a complete application by February 1. Students who submit their applications by this date will also be automatically considered for merit scholarships.

When can I expect to receive an admission decision?

Transfer applicants who submitted a complete application by the February 1 deadline can expect to be mailed an official admission decision, or a request for spring semester grades, by May 31.

Does USC accept first-year and transfer applications for the spring semester?

USC does not accept first-year or transfer applications for spring admission. However, a small number of fall applicants will be offered spaces in the spring semester.

Does USC allow students who have only a GED to transfer?

Yes, it is possible for students who completed high school with a GED to be admitted to USC. However, such students will still need to meet all other transfer requirements (at least 30 transferable semester college units, strong academic record, etc.) and must also provide official transcripts of all high school coursework they attempted, in addition to providing an official copy of their GED. They may also provide a letter of explanation along with their GED or completion certificate.

Are there any programs or services geared toward incoming Veterans?

The Veterans Resource Center in the Division of Student Affairs serves as a one-stop campus resource for Trojan veterans, reservists, and their dependents. This Center offers advising services, confidential mental health counseling, career services, and scholarship opportunities.