FAQs: Special Programs

What study abroad programs does USC offer?

USC offers numerous programs on five continents, and study abroad has been integrated into the requirements for several undergraduate degrees. Please visit the Globalization website for a detailed list and more information.

Does USC offer extension courses or have a program that allows non-admitted students to enroll in courses?

USC's academic programs are designed primarily for students who have applied and been admitted to a regular degree program. However, USC does have a very specific registration option known as "Limited Status Enrollment" that allows certain students in specific situations to take a limited number of courses at USC without being admitted. Please refer to the Registration Department website for more information.

What special programs does USC offer to first-year students?

USC offers various programs to first-year students who wish to challenge themselves across a broad range of topics or within a particular area of interest. Please visit our First-Year Programs page for more information.

What honors programs are available to USC undergraduates?

The university offers several honors programs designed to challenge and reward high-achieving students in a variety of fields. For more information, please visit our Honors Programs page or specific school or departmental websites.

Does USC provide opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research?

Yes, often as early as the first year at USC! The university welcomes and encourages students who would be interested in pursuing faculty-led or their own original research. Several programs and fellowships are available to help support and fund student projects. Please visit our Research page or the Undergraduate Research and Discovery page for more information.

What programs or services are available for students with disabilities?

USC welcomes students of any mental or physical disability. If you have a disability and would like more information about academic support and/or housing accommodations, please visit the office of Disability Services and Programs at www.usc.edu/disability.

Does USC offer summer programs for high school students?

Yes! USC offers credit and non-credit summer programs for high school and middle school students. Get a preview of the Trojan experience! For more information, visit USC Summer Programs online at summer.usc.edu.

Can you tell me more about the USC program that allows students to spend their senior year of high school at USC?

Every year, the Resident Honors Program (RHP) enables about 50 highly successful high school students to start college a year early and complete high school requirements while simultaneously enrolled as full-time first-year students at USC. Please visit the RHP web page at www.usc.edu/rhp for more information.