Yvonne Hays

Assistant Director

B.A. History
Dartmouth College

M.S.Ed. Psychological Services
University of Pennsylvania


California – East San Fernando Valley, Glendale/Pasadena

A cross-country transplant from New York City (Queens to be specific), I have accepted as irrefutable fact that having the sun in my eyes everywhere I go on any day of the year is far more conducive to happiness than the rhythm of seasons. I began my career first as a journalist, working in cities from the District of Columbia to Dallas to Sacramento. I loved stories and telling them. The empowering effect of narratives continued in my career as a high school counselor, a position that afforded me opportunities to nurture young people and to help them find their voice. But where I found the most value in that position was helping students navigate their way to higher education with its innumerable value to both the individual and society.

Why USC?

After years of working in high school counseling and learning about the many great colleges and universities in our country and abroad, I realized I was putting USC on almost all my students’ college lists because USC was a great fit for them, their interests, and what they wanted out of their college experience. I had to ask myself, did I drink something without knowing it? No. Of the many students I helped matriculate to USC, I couldn’t think of a single one who regretted the decision. The combination of the academic challenges, social options, and camaraderie here is unparalleled. Our learning environment also has the feel of a small liberal arts college and the resources of a large, top-tier research university. But personally what I love most about USC are its incredibly involved students and how responsive the faculty is to the changing workplace. From designing new courses to adjusting current ones, our professors want their students to be prepared for what lies ahead as well as be part of invigorating classes.

Admission Advice:

Reflect on why you spent so many hours doing what you do because in that lies who you are, what you care about, and what you value.

Favorite snack: popcorn
Dream trip: Trek to Machu Picchu
TV show I’ll binge watch next: Westworld