Ryan Bouziane

Senior Assistant Director

B.A. Print and Digital Journalism
University of Southern California

California – Orange County (South), Pasadena HS, South Pasadena HS, Maranatha HS, Blair HS, La Salle HS

I went to my first USC football game when I was 8 years old. Carson Palmer led the Trojans past Arizona State, and I ate soft pretzels with ketchup like some type of insane person. The revelry of that day stuck with me and inspired my dream to become a Trojan. I graduated from USC in 2015, and started working in admission just a few months later. So, while I typically eat soft pretzels like a normal human person these days, not much has changed. I love USC, and the opportunity to give back to the community by working for the university is an amazing feeling.

Why USC?
With a strong academic reputation, a historic athletic tradition, a supportive community, a vibrant social scene, and a Panda Express on campus, USC has it all.

Admission Advice:
Take chances. Allow your application to be a true representation of who you are, not who you think we want you to be. By demonstrating your individuality – your quirks, your unique perspective, your heart – you will set yourself apart from other applicants.

Movie: Children of Men and Fight Club
Food: California Burrito
Quote: “Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.” – Hunter S. Thompson
Book: A Storm of Swords
Music: Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar