Counselor Newsletters

Updates for Guidance Counselors

Fall 2015

Preparing for a world in which majors are minor; Admission Review Process; For Counselors: Financial Aid, Admission Blog, new GE requirements and study apps; Trojan Voices; New on Campus; You are invited to Discover USC! more...(PDF)

Spring 2015

How Far Can You Go with the Humanities at USC?; Tools for Counselors; Trojan Voices; For Students; LGBT at USC - It Keeps Getting Better!; Summer@USC. more...(PDF)

Fall 2014

Now is the Time, L.A. Is the Place; Spotlight on USC Admission; Free Resources for Counselors; Trojan Voices; For Students; New On Campus; Expanding Student Horizons. more...(PDF)

Spring/Summer 2014

Parents' Perspective on the College Experience; Trojan Parents; Inside Tips for College Tours; The Spirit of Troy Makes L.A. History in 2014; New on Campus; Trojan Voices. more...(PDF)

Spring 2014

Connecting the Dots From Classroom to Career; The Path to the Prize: Before They Were Nobel laureates; Trojan Voices; New on Campus; Internships Abound at USC; Dates and Deadlines. more...(PDF)

Spring/Summer 2013

Celebrating Achievement of the Highest Order; USC Financial Aid Expands to Meet Demand; USC to launch the Kaufman School of Dance; Honor students reap valuable rewards; Trojan Voices: Growing up in Canada; Summer@USC. more...(PDF)

Winter 2012

Growing a global university; World Bachelor of Business program comes to USC in Fall 2013; USC offers special benefits to ROTC and returning veteran students; USC named one of five top universities for social media. more...(PDF)

Fall 2012

USC students redefine political and civic engagement; The "Heritage Initiative" and new athletics facilities; New Stamps Scholarships offered to undergraduates; It's the season for spirit, so bring on the band. more...(PDF)

Summer 2012

Recreational Sports give students great opportunities at USC; Trojans embrace the sport of quidditch; Solar decathlon; Trojan Voices: How students made athletics, recreation, and fitness a part of their college lives; Scholarships for physically challenged athletes; Commencement 2012 makes history. more...(PDF)

Winter 2011

Campus Spiritual Life: Making College Good for the Soul; Our New Financial Aid Net Price Calculator Aid webinars; Trojan Voices: What spiritual life adds to student's campus experience; The Interfaith Challenge; Our New Admission blog: behind-the-scenes look at USC admission. more...(PDF)

Fall 2011

Scholarships at USC: The Mork Family's historic gift to USC; USC's switch to the Common Application; Financial Aid Insert: Applying for financial aid at USC; Trojan Voices: How scholarship recipients reach the top. more...(PDF)

Spring 2011

Creativity fo all; Trojan Voices; Meet USC's new Financial Aid Director; how to be part of the arts at USC; USC opens the first Center for Students with Learning Differences; Summer adventure in the arts and beyond. more...(PDF)

Winter 2010

Forging the Path: How USC helps firts-generation students thrive; Trojan Voices: What does it take to be a successful first-generation college student?; How to apply to ba a Norman Topping Scholar; Meet our multicultural recruiters; Trojans Achieve a Safety First; Our leaders are on the mover!; Important Dates & Deadlines. more...(PDF)

Spring 2010

Where teaching hs no boundaries; What does it mean to be a research university?; Financial aid to remain strong for incoming students; When it comes to teaching, what really matters?; more...(PDF)

Fall 2009

Preparing for greatness: USC focuses on training leaders for a new age; Introducing our new staff; Student financial aid is our top priority; Freshman Profile; Trojan Voices; Dates and deadlines. more...(PDF)

Winter 2008

What the World Needs Now...USC focuses on training 21st century innovators; A Word With Our Students-Enbarking on a lifetime of Innovation; Thanks for Asking!- Your Questions-Our Answers; School of Cinematic Arts Unveils New High Tech Complex; Los Angeles Nightlife Takes a Big Step Towards USC; Honors Programs for Undergraduates; more...(PDF)

Fall 2008

Election Season on Campus- the future starts here; A Word from Our Students – Making Their Entrance on the Political Scene; Thanks for asking; Demystifying Finanical Aid; Freshmen class profile; Important dates and deadlines; New on Campus; New Admission staff. more...(PDF)

Summer 2008

Q&A with Dennis Cornell, Chief of Protocol and Associate Senior Vice President of University Relations; A Word from Our Students – Artists in Action; Internships with a Future; Where Creativity Flourishes; Summer Programs for High School Students. more...(PDF)

Winter 2007

Q&A with Susan Ikerd, Director of Financial Aid; A Word from Our Students – The Convergence of Learning & Earning; Campus Job Fair; More Information About USC Financial Aid; Counselors Make New Discoveries about USC; Important Dates and Deadlines. more...(PDF)

Fall 2007

Q&A with Dean Katharine Harrington, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Profile of Entering Freshmen Class, A Word From Our Students - USC Paves the Way for Professional Careers, Your Admission Counselor, The Millennials - How are they adapting to college life...and vice versa?, Important Dates and Deadlines, more...(PDF)

Summer 2007

Q&A with Tamara Anderson, JEP’s Executive Director, A Word From Our Students – Learning While Doing, Go Surfing this Summer at, USC Announces an Advance in Test Prep, Standardized Testing – Is It Necessary? more...(PDF)

Spring 2007

Q&A with James Ellis, Vice-Provost for Globalization, A Word From Our Students – Studying Abroad, Our Neighborhood, Flying into Los Angeles, Encourage Your Students to Visit USC more...(PDF)

Winter 2006

Q&A with Jerry Lucido, Vice Provost for Enrollment Policy and Management, A Word From Our Students – Student Internships at USC, Getting to Know You, Deadlines and Requirements, more...(PDF)

Summer 2006

Q&A with David Glasgow, Director of Undergraduate Programs, A Word From Our Students – The Rewards of Reaching Higher, Do AP’s Make a Difference?, How to choose between Liberal Arts and Professional programs?, more...(PDF)

Spring 2006

Q&A about the Thematic Option Honors Program with Dr. Robin Romans, Assistant Dean in the USC College of Letters Arts and Sciences, A Word From Our Students - Pursuing a thematic approach to education, How to get the most out of your campus visit, High School Summer Programs, more...(PDF)

Winter 2005

Q&A with Catherine C. Thomas, Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid, A Word From Our Students - Blazing the College Trail, Advice from a USC Admission Officer - It's Not Just the Essay, more...(PDF)

Fall 2005

USC's New SAT Policy, Q&A with Timothy Brunold, Director of Admission, A Word from Our Students - The African American Experience at USC, Profile for Our Entering Freshmen, This Year's Essay Questions, more...(PDF)