Brittany Baker-Brousseau

Senior Assistant Director

B.A. English
Williams College

California – Whittier and North Orange County
New York – Manhattan

As a headstrong teenager looking at colleges, I wanted to go somewhere as different as possible from my large high school in Long Beach, CA; a small liberal arts college in rural Massachusetts certainly fit the bill! After graduation, I spent four more years on the east coast working in New York as the administrative assistant in a college counseling office. I am excited to have made the move “across the desk” to college admissions and to be back in SoCal!

Why USC?
The opportunities for interdisciplinary study at USC are abundant and reflect a culture of inquiry and innovation. The university’s dedication to creative problem solving truly sets it apart.

Admission Advice:
Become familiar with what the university can offer you in terms of academic and extracurricular experiences, but then think one step further. What do you offer the university? Imagine being here–how will you spend your time? What do you want to explore or improve? What will be your contributions to the community? Don’t underestimate yourself! Articulating your potential impact will give us a better sense of who you are and whether USC is a good fit for you.

Movie: Some Like it Hot
Food: Crustaceans and carbs
Quote: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen
Fictional Character: Sherlock Holmes
Dream Job: Choreographer
Books: Emma, A People’s History of the United States, Angels in America