Angie Solares

Senior Assistant Director

B.A. Political Science
University of California, Los Angeles


California – East Los Angeles
Texas – Houston and San Antonio

I am a native of Los Angeles and attended UCLA where I pursued a major in political science. My intentions were to become a lawyer, but that career path wasn’t the right fit for me. Somewhere along my undergraduate career, I started working as a student at the UCLA Undergraduate Admission Office and fell in love with higher education, counseling, and admissions. After 3 years of working as a professional at my alma mater, I wanted to continue growing in my career while simultaneously continuing to work with students in the higher-education setting. I knew that USC was an amazing institution where I could continue to grow my passions, so I moved across town!

Why USC?
Although I didn’t attend USC as an undergrad, I can feel the Trojan Family that everyone talks about. The people on this campus are genuinely nice and welcoming. I want to help students find their way to this campus so they can feel the “Trojan Family” spirit that I have felt from the minute I stepped on to the campus. Beyond this, USC is leading private institutions in its diversity recruitment efforts; your classmates and your roommates will be from all parts of the country, all parts of the world, and from varying backgrounds. There is no better place to live than LA if you want to prepare yourself for a global education!

Admission Advice:
I always like to tell students that it’s ok to be vulnerable with us in your essays. We are not here to make judgements; in fact, if you really think about it, we are strangers just trying to learn more about you and your story. My other piece of advice is this: leadership, involvement, activities, etc. do not all fit in a box. When you are thinking about all the things that you are involved in, think outside our conventional definitions of “leadership” and “activity”. You may be surprised to learn that you actually do a lot more than you think.

Movie: The Avengers
Quote: Life is too short to be someone other than yourself.
Fictional Character: Captain America (see a pattern?)
Book: The Great Gatsby – don’t ask why, I just remember loving it when I read it in high school.
Music:  Top 40, pop, rap, basically anything on the morning radio
Food: Chicken