Student Testimonial

I studied abroad at the American University of Paris, where I traveled to seven different countries that I had never been to before, and it ended up being the best experience of my entire life. Looking back, I wouldn't trade those four months for anything else.
-Moera Ainai '18

I will always be grateful to Richmond University for helping make my USC experience so special. The ability to spend a semester traveling, making friends with USC students and others, and having unforgettable experiences every day will definitely be a highlight of my time at USC.
—Shonali Bose
Washington, D.C.
Fall Semester at Richmond, the American International University in London

I knew I wanted to use the time for an international experience. The university in Lugano was small, and there were 20 other USC students, along with over 100 students from other American universities, which helped. The central location made it easy to travel every weekend to different places all over Europe. I made some great friends – two of whom I will be rooming with at USC.
—Clayton Jurkowitz
Greenwich, Connecticut
Fall Semester at Franklin University, Lugano, Switzerland

My admission counselor helped me identify classes at Santa Ana College, where I got 12 units and a great start on my college GPA. I also had time to volunteer at a nonprofit that helps unemployed women become job-ready. I got valuable business experience working in their store, and learned to use some new technology that has added to my technical skills.
—Jennifer Leal
Santa Ana, California
Fall Semester at Santa Ana College

I studied abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, for four months. JCU's central location made it extremely easy for me and the 40 other USC students to explore Europe and indulge in the culture. The ability to visit eight different countries in an out-of-the-classroom learning environment gives all spring admits an edge in the USC community.
—Gabby Truncale
Summit, New Jersey
Fall semester at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy

I enrolled in Santa Monica College, where I met two spring admits the first day in my chemistry class. I work flexible hours as a paid intern for up to 30 hours a week, so I have enough money to get out to see and do things. I live with some fellow students in housing right across from USC… We schedule regular events like beach days and tailgate parties. As a big sports fan, it was huge for me to get season tickets and attend the football games.
—Scott Yarmoff
Westport, Connecticut
Fall Semester at Santa Monica College