FAQ: First-Year Admitted (Spring)

When does USC’s spring term begin?

The spring term typically begins in early to mid-January. Please visit the USC Academic Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.

What should I do in the fall?

First-year students have many choices — from enrolling in your local community college to studying abroad. Please visit our Spring Admits page for suggestions from current USC students who were in your shoes not too long ago.

Is there a chance I could enroll in the fall?

If space becomes available, we may invite spring enrollees to join the class in the fall. All students who accept the offer of spring admission will be considered for any openings. Fall invitations are based on the specific enrollment needs of the university, not on rankings, level of interest or wait-list order.

Will I be the only one starting in the spring?

No. We expect to enroll 200 to 300 first-year students and an additional 200 transfer students.

May I send in new letters of recommendation, or other information, to increase my chances of being invited to enroll in the fall?

We ask that you not. All spring admits will be automatically considered for any fall openings.

What about financial aid?

If you have completed a financial aid application, you will receive a Financial Aid Summary for the spring semester very soon.
If you have not yet applied, but wish to be considered for financial aid, we encourage you to apply immediately, even if the priority filing dates have passed. Please visit www.usc.edu/financialaid for more information.

Will I be able to buy tickets to USC Football games?

Yes! Once you submit your Enrollment Commitment Deposit and activate your USC e-mail address, you will receive more information about buying tickets. The deadline to purchase season tickets is mid to late August. Please visit www.usctrojans.com for more information about USC athletics.

Where can I find out more about Orientation?

Please visit www.usc.edu/orientation for more information. You will also receive materials in the mail after you have submitted your Enrollment Commitment Deposit.

Will I be able to live in university housing?

Demand for housing is difficult to predict, and we cannot guarantee that space will be available. We have, however, always been able to accommodate all first-year spring students. Housing applications are accepted beginning July 1. Please visit housing.usc.edu for more information.

How can I find out what classes will transfer to USC?

Please visit www.usc.edu/articulation and click on Spring Admits.

Can I transfer study abroad courses?

Possibly, although not all overseas programs are transferrable. You will need to receive pre-approval to transfer any study abroad courses. For more information and a pre-approval form, please visit www.usc.edu/articulation, click on Spring Admits, then on Paper Pre-Approval Form.